Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQs

Travel documentation

Before travelling you will need to check the local requirements for paperwork and any associated travel restrictions (including quarantine advice) with the government of each country you will visit.

Before you travel to or return to Ireland, you must complete a paper copy Passenger Locator Form. You must print and complete this form which then must be given to the Immigration Authorities upon arrival in Ireland.

There are no forms to complete when travelling to or returning to France. For the latest government advise visit

Before you travel to or return to Spain, you must complete a paper format Passenger Locator Form. You must print and complete this form prior to disembarkation. Brittany Ferries' staff will collect this form in the garage before you disembark.

Before you travel to or return to the UK, you must complete an online Passenger Locator Form. This form cannot be completed until 48 hours before your arrival time in the UK. You will need to show the receipt as proof of completion to Border Control.

What is a Passenger Locator Form (PLF)?

The Public Health Form or Passenger Locator Form (PLF) is required by some governments in our destinations to collect information needed to contact you if a passenger on your crossing tests positive for coronavirus (COVID-19). The information collected on behalf of  the Health Authorities includes contact details, a destination address and travel itinerary.

What will happen with my ferry to Spain?

On the 25th July late in the evening the UK government changed its advice for travel to Spain, the update advises against all but essential travel, but doesn’t ban travel. We continue to carry critical freight and hundreds of passengers on each of our Spanish crossings.  

If you proceed to travel we recommend you ensure your European Health Insurance Card is valid and that you familiarise yourself with the conditions of your travel insurance policy. 

If you no longer wish to travel you have the option of amending your booking to a future date or, subject to the cancellation fee detailed on your ticket, you can cancel via the Manage my Booking page on our website. 

As we are still operational to Spain, and we continue to carry passengers, we are unable to waive the cancellation fee’s stipulated on your ticket. 

Can I still travel this summer?

We’re up and running and operating a busy schedule of sailings to France and Spain from the UK and Ireland. We’ve made a series of changes to our services (read more in Life On Board) to keep everyone safe and are now enjoying welcoming all our passengers back on board to take some sea air and salvage their summer holidays.  

Will my holiday be going ahead? 

Please assume your holiday is going ahead, unless we contact you.

Undoubtedly there will be some facilities and attractions that have to be adapted to cope with the pandemic and it is possible some services or facilities may be withdrawn temporarily.

Each country is dealing with the pandemic in its own way but one thing remains true, we sail to fantastic destinations and your holiday this year will be well earned.

Can I change my plans?

We sell tickets with great flexibility and you should be able to amend your booking dates via the Manage My Booking facility. If you’re not quite ready to travel yet but have a booking coming up soon, you may want to amend your booking to later this year and perhaps again when our 2021 schedules are ready (later this month).

If you’ve booked through a travel agent, you’ll need to contact them for advice.

My balance is due, don’t take it.

If you took advantage of one our deposit payments booking and agreed to pay your balance later, that payment will still be taken. If you want to avoid this, you’ll need to cancel your booking. 

If you’ve booked through a travel agent, you’ll need to contact them for advice.

I want to cancel, what are my options?

Sailings are now operating with lots of adaptations to keep everyone on board safe. If you want to cancel your booking you will be subject to its cancellation policy and this can be processed via Manage My Booking.

If you want to avoid any cancellation fees you may want to consider amending your sailing to a later date and this too can typically be done via Manage My Booking.

If you’ve booked through a travel agent, you’ll need to contact them for advice.

How can I get in touch?

You can get in touch through all the usual means. We’ve never been this busy and our response times are slow but they are improving. Phone lines are open, email is available and our social channels too are being monitored. We’re doing what we reasonably can but these are exceptional times. Things will get easier and we can’t wait to get back to our usual exemplary standards.