Ireland to France ferries

Set sail from Cork and cruise in comfort and style from Ireland to France aboard Pont-Aven or Armorique. You'll enjoy great service and facilities including a choice of dining options, entertainment and well-appointed cabins. Or, choose our économie service from Rosslare for a comfortable no-frills alternative.

A choice of ferry ports sailing from Ireland to France

Cork to France

Set sail from Cork on a Saturday afternoon aboard our flagship, Pont-Aven, and arrive in Roscoff on Sunday morning. Or, sail on board the Armorique for a Wednesday evening departure with arrival on Thursday morning. 

Cork to Roscoff

Rosslare to France

Sail on our économie ships and enjoy beautiful Brittany and Normandy, or head south into Pays de la Loire and beyond. Sailing from Rosslare to Cherbourg you'll find an uncrowded and modern road network from Cherbourg to Paris, the Loire and further south.

Rosslare to Cherbourg


Ferries to France from Ireland

Ferry routes to France from Cork and Rosslare ports in Ireland

  • Twice weekly sailings on Cork to Roscoff
  • Comfortable overnight cruises
  • Choice of sailings on our cruise or économie ferries
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