Environment overview

Sustainable development

As a company founded and still largely owned by French farmers, we have a profound respect for the environments in which we operate. We appreciate the need to preserve scarce resources and are committed to reducing the impact of our operations. We are also working closely with conservation groups to protect and preserve marine creatures.

One of the most important steps we are taking is the development of ships powered by LNG (liquefied natural gas). When burnt this creates far lower levels of airborne pollutants and CO2. Honfleur will be the first LNG ferry to operate on the Channel and we are not waiting for infrastructure in ports to help. Honfleur's fuel delivery and storage solution is a world first. 

Our environmental ambassador, Chris Packham

"As an environmentalist, I am extremely encouraged to see an enlightened company such as Brittany Ferries working with charities and scientific establishments for the benefit of all.

This is why I am pleased to act as their Environmental Ambassador and I have no hesitation in commending you to take a trip to Spain on one of their marvellous cruise-ferries to see how many species of marine life you can spot."