Cork to Roscoff ferries

Ireland to France by luxury ferry

Sail from Ireland to France with Brittany Ferries' on our Cork to Roscoff ferry route. Depart on a Saturday afternoon aboard our flagship, Pont-Aven, to arrive Sunday morning. Or, sail on board the Armorique for a Wednesday afternoon departure with arrival on Thursday morning. 

Aboard Pont-Aven and Armorique, you'll enjoy a choice of comfortable cabins, restaurants, shops and cinemas - the ferry crossing really will feel like part of your holiday! 

  • Overnight ferry departures twice a week
  • Saturday afternoon sailings on Pont-Aven
  • Wednesday afternoon sailings on Armorique (new for 2021)
  • A great choice of comfortable cabins

With excellent access to local road networks driving to Cork and Roscoff ports is easy. Roscoff is a picturesque fishing village with pretty restaurants lining the quay and plenty of tourist attractions including a botanical gardens and a century old Thalassotherapy Institute where the seawater and seaweed are used for healing and relaxation therapies.

Sailing times from Cork

Overnight sailings from Cork are available every Saturday and Wednesday and give you an early arrival in Roscoff on Sunday and Thursday morning for longer in France. The cruise allows plenty of time to enjoy the onboard experience with a restaurant meal, shopping and entertainments, before retiring to your cabin for a restful night's sleep. 

Mile-saving route network

With a wide choice of cross Channel routes Brittany Ferries offers a mile-saving network allowing you to sail closer to your holiday destination. Reduce travel costs such as petrol, tolls and en-route stops with less driving time in France and reach your destination more quickly for a longer break.

  • Roscoff offers easy access to all areas of Brittany and is ideally situated for fast travel to the Western Loire, the Dordogne and the Atlantic coast 
  • Cork is on the southern coast of the Republic of Ireland and is easily reached from all over Ireland.

To help plan your holiday consider the driving distances from Roscoff to your potential destinations and the routes you might take.