Lake Enol at Covadonga in Asturias © Shutterstock

Lake Enol at CovaLake Enol at Covadonga in Asturias © Shutterstock

Motorbike touring in Spain

Our top tips on riding in Spain including motoring rules and regulations as well as Spanish motoring laws and more.

From the Brittany Ferries' arrival port of Santander in northern Spain your riding options are virtually unlimited. And in a country that is more than double the size of Britain but with a significantly lower population, there should be very little to get in your way.

An excellent network of road links allows you to head off quickly in whatever direction you fancy; not that you have to travel very far for your first taste of truly wonderful scenery. The road network is made up of 166,000 kilometres of different class roads, with 4,964 of these being on the coast serving over 8,000 beaches and 16,000 being of motorway standard.