A message from our CEO

Dear all

We’re approaching the middle of August and things here have been progressing well, though we continue to monitor the government travel advice and guidance of each of our destinations and will update these pages with any changes. 

Our holiday products are being prepared for launch later in the year and I’m looking forward to sharing more of that information with you. We’ve been following a similar pattern with our holidays for some time but we’re now exploring some slightly different strategic paths. We’ll still sell the classic Brittany Ferries holidays you love but I want us to start focusing more on creating fantastic holiday experiences that ignite the senses and reflect the emotional heart of who we are and what we stand for.

Alongside our project to revolutionise the Brittany Ferries digital experience, we want a more destination-focused, experience-led holiday portfolio that will inspire travellers to discover our fabulous destinations. You’ll start to see some changes to these holidays in the coming months but this is a long term plan designed to make us fit for the digital future, without compromising our long held belief in world class customer experience.

Sailings continue to be a source of great pleasure for many of you. Our sensible, cautious and safe approach to the new life on board is being expertly marshalled by our crews and, whilst some of the measures mean it can take a little longer to get on board or to dine, it has been a great reassurance to all of us to see how ready customers are to comply with the crew’s instruction and enjoy a relaxing, enjoyable voyage of discovery with Brittany Ferries.

There have been so many factors surrounding the coronavirus disruption we couldn’t control, at times it has been exceptionally frustrating. Measures in place to safeguard crew and customers such as compulsory wearing of masks are not always popular with everyone, but the manner in which our crews and customers are working together to deliver safe sailings has been a huge comfort and gives me great optimism for our future together. We’re continuing to look at ways in which we can evolve on board services and procedures and I have great faith we’ll continue to deliver new styles of travel long after this summer becomes a distant, if poignant, memory.

One of the most popular services we provide is pet friendly cabins. Their popularity has grown and grown and, simply, we never seem to have enough to satisfy demand. Many of you have asked why we don’t simply add more to the existing fleet and I thought I’d share some of the reasoning behind this.

In order to have a pet-friendly cabin, a ship also needs an outside area for dogs to exercise in. Access to these areas needs to be as direct as possible without having to go through areas where passengers without pets may be. Most pet-friendly cabins are accessed by a nearby designated lift and ideally they are set apart from other cabins in case some of our furry travellers get a bit vocal!  

The cabins themselves need a different clean to other cabins and operationally this can be a challenge to get the right cleaning team to the right area within the right timeframe.

These factors make the number of ships we can reasonably adapt quite difficult. We’ve studied each ship at one time or another and probably now need to turn to our incoming fleet additions for the number of pet-friendly cabins to keep increasing. We’ll keep trying to think of ways of improving that number (and satisfying that demand!) but for now I think most ships are at capacity when taking into account every passenger’s comfort (even those who aren’t quite as enamoured with our canine companions).

It may be interesting to you to learn that while dogs and cats can be booked into pet-friendly cabins, I’m afraid no rabbits can ever travel on a French ship and you’d be surprised at how many requests we receive for this. This is a naval tradition we will not break with and a superstition long rooted in French maritime history.

Thanks for reading, and for your continued support

Christophe Mathieu

CEO Brittany Ferries

Last updated: 7 August 2020