How do I pay for a booking with a voucher?

If you have a refund or prize voucher for a monetary value you are now able to apply this to your booking either when making a booking or amending it online. Please enter the voucher number on step 5 (entitled 'Check your details') of the booking process.

Please note that the expiry date is the date that the voucher needs to be presented for payment by; the booking does not need to be travelled on by this date.

The voucher can only be used by the named beneficiary, it is not transferable and may not be converted into cash under any circumstances.

The voucher is valid until the date shown above and may be used as whole or part payment for any ferry crossing or Brittany Ferries' inclusive holiday. If a voucher of monetary value is redeemed for a booking of lesser value than the face value of the voucher, no differential refund can be made.

Replacement vouchers will not be issued. The voucher cannot be exchanged for services or goods purchased on board ship. Multiple vouchers can be used in the same transaction.