What are your cancellation charges and conditions?

Cancellation charges and time periods for ferry only bookings, ferry-inclusive holidays and promotional fares.

Travel before 21 April 2020:

Ferry Only

Refunds are based on the following scale:

Period of notice given before first scheduled departure Cancellation Charge Refund of balance
Over 46 days Deposit By method of payment
8 - 46 days Deposit + amendment fees As a travel voucher
0 - 7 days 100% booking value N/A

The travel voucher is valid for a limited time and cannot be converted into cash. The voucher, which is non-transferable, will be issued in the Lead passenger name on the booking. Please see additional terms and conditions on the voucher.

Insurance premiums are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Ferry-inclusive holiday bookings

For full details on our holiday booking conditions & cancellation charges please see our Holiday Terms and Conditions.

Refunds are based on the following scale:

Period of notice given before outward travel date Cancellation charge (expressed as a % of total booking price)
Over 42 days Deposit
29 - 42 days 30% (or deposit if greater)
15 - 28 days 50% (or deposit if greater)
2 - 14 days 75% (or deposit if greater)
0 - 2 days 100%
Any refund applicable is by method of payment

Promotional ferry bookings   

No refunds will be given for the cancellation of these fares.

Travel from 22 April 2020:

Ferry Only

We are offering a new range of ticket types aimed at allowing you to choose the level of flexibility that suits your travel needs. Depending on your chosen ticket type, the conditions for cancellations will vary – find out more here.