What kind of assistance can I expect on board the ship as a passenger with a disability or reduced mobility?

Exact procedures will vary dependent on the ship that you are travelling on. Please let us know of any assistance you may require at the time of booking and again at check-in.

Travel by sea can be challenging and you may find that a travelling companion will make things easier for you when negotiating ramps, bulkheads and heavy sea doors.

We can make arrangements for someone to assist you when boarding and disembarking from the ship and they will be able to help you with an overnight bag or any medical equipment you need for the journey.

Please bring your own wheelchair and medical equipment with you. Any wheelchairs on the ship are for emergency use only.

In the unlikely event of a problem on the ship, the crew on board will be aware of passengers who have told us of their disability and reduced mobility and will be on-hand to offer any assistance.