Ensuring our emails are received

If you are on on our mailing list, we endeavour to only send messages that we feel may be of interest to you. In order for us to do this, we need to ensure that your email account or Internet Service Provider (ISP) doesn't block our messages.

It's easy to ensure that our mails don't end up in your spam folder. Simply follow the instructions included below for a range of ISP's:


  • From your mailbox screen, click on the dropdown arrow to the right of addresses.

  • Click on 'Add contact'.

  • Type or copy and paste the address in the 'Email' field and click 'Save contact' block and then Save.


  • Select 'Contacts' tab

  • Click on 'Safe List'

  • Type or copy and paste our address in the box and click 'Add'.


  • From your mailbox screen, click to open the message from the sender whose information you'd like to add to your Contact List.

  • Click on 'More options'.

  • Click on 'Add sender to Contact list'.

  • The sender has been successfully added to your contacts list.

Please note: Various other service providers use the Webmail service listed above also. These instructions may be valid for your Webmail service, even if it is not clearly identifiable as any of the above.


Sometimes Microsoft Outlook treats valid emails as junk mail and the emails are not seen. In order to avoid this please take the appropriate course of action depending on the version you use.


  • From 'Inbox', select 'Actions', then 'Junk email' and click on 'Junk email options'.

  • Click on 'Safe senders' tab

  • Type or copy and paste our address into the block area and click 'OK'.


  • Launch Microsoft Outlook 2010 and click the 'Junk' drop down box under the 'Home' tab and then choose 'Junk Email Options'.

  • Now in the Junk Email Options window, navigate to the 'Safe Sender' tab. Here you can add addresses which you know and trust, and want to receive e-mails from unhindered.

  • If you are in communication with us, you can also configure Outlook 2010 to automatically add the people you send emails to, to the Safe Senders List. In Order to do this, in the Junk Email Options window, check the 'Automatically add people I e-mail to the Safe Senders List' option.

  • Click 'OK' to complete your actions. This will avoid valid emails being marked as Junk and potentially going unseen.