Can I be parked near a lift?

To make any requests to be parked near a lift you must tell us that a passenger has a disability or reduced mobility on step 1 of the booking process. In the ‘Passengers’ section, please answer ‘Yes’ to the question, 'Do you or any passengers have a disability or reduced mobility?'. You can then provide more details of the passenger's disability or limited mobility. All requirements must be specified at the time of booking.

Proximity to the lifts will depend on the number of vehicles on the sailing with passengers who have a disability or limited mobility.

When you arrive at checkpoint, we'll apply a sticker to your windscreen and you'll also be asked to switch on your hazard warning lights. This allows the loading officer to identify your vehicle and you will be directed into a specific lane.

The loading configuration and constraints of each ship will vary and there is no need to worry if many other cars are loaded before you.