Transporting dangerous goods, knives and flammable liquids


Passengers travelling with a vehicle may carry petrol or diesel up to the total amount of 5L per vehicle providing it is in a sealed canister designed specifically for carrying fuel. 


Firearms and ammunition can only be transported on our ships if they are secured in a vehicle such as a car or motorhome.  They may not be transported with bicycles or motorbikes.  

Any other item considered dangerous weapon such as bows and arrows, knives (including chef's knives, multi-tools), swords etc. must also be declared prior to departure and will be treated in the same manner as firearms and ammunition.

Any passenger travelling with a vehicle wishing to transport firearms or ammunition even in small quantities, must declare the fact when making their booking. You will be advised to contact the Duty Operations Manager at the port of departure well in advance of travel and you will be asked to complete a "Firearms Declaration Form" indicating the type and quantity of firearms/ammunition.

The quantity of ammunition (1.4S) ex UK is limited to 100 cartridges/shells per firearm when travelling to France and 1000 rounds per vehicle, providing it is in the manufacturer's original packaging and you are authorised to hold such an amount on your Firearm Certificate. The carriage of ammunition to Spain is prohibited. 

You will also be required to forward to the Duty Operations Manager, copies of your Firearm Certificate, European Pass and either the "Prefet's Authorisation of Detention" if required, or an invitation to compete in a competition.

The Duty Operations Manager will distribute the Firearms Declaration and copy documents to the ship/s concerned, the destination port, Port Security and the Port Police both at the port of departure and destination.

Original documents must be presented at check-in and the firearm and/or ammunition must be retained out of sight in the boot or other locked space in the vehicle.

Foot passengers cannot transport firearms, ammunition or any other item considered to be a dangerous weapon, such as bows and arrows, knives (including chef's knives) swords etc, on board our vessels. Any dangerous items will be taken and confiscated by security/ police at the port of departure and passengers will not be permitted to collect these items on their return.

Explosive ordnance and neutralised explosive ordnance of military origin (shells, projectiles, grenades, etc) are prohibited.


If traveling with a vehicle, you are permitted to carry any amount of water based paint in the vehicle, and up to a maximum of 10 litres of flammable paint. However, accompanying items such as methylated or white spirit are NOT permitted

Foot passengers are not allowed to carry any kind of paint.


You can take medical oxygen on board in quantities sufficient for personal use.

A maximum of 6 x 10 litres (aggregate water volume) cylinders may be carried in your vehicle. The cylinders must be adequately secured in the vehicle against the movement of the ship, be stored away from sources of heat and ignition and must be shut off during the sailing.

Only 1 cylinder can be taken to the public areas and must be used only in non-smoking areas as designated by the ship's captain. Passengers should contact prior to travel to discuss their needs.


Please contact our reservations team before you travel as there is a limit to the quantity of gas cylinders that may be carried (including medical gas). This may vary by ship and so it is essential that you contact us in advance for confirmation and authority to transport your equipment.


The carriage of fireworks is strictly forbidden. Fireworks found in passenger vehicles or foot passenger luggage will be confiscated and passengers will not be able to collect these items on their return


Only passengers travelling by vehicle can transport self-inflating lifejackets and flares and must declare the fact when making their reservation. A maximum of 6 self-inflating lifejackets; 6 handheld flares; 4 parachute flares and 2 smoke floats for use in leisure craft only and within test date may be carried.

Self-inflating life rafts packed in strong rigid outer packaging with a total maximum gross weight of 40kg containing no dangerous goods other than class 2.2 compressed or liquefied gas with no subsidiary risk in receptacles with a capacity not exceeding 120ml & installed solely for the purpose of the activation of the appliance.