Dog with goggles leaning out of car window

Vet contact details near our ports

Browse through a list of vets in and around our continental ferry ports that are qualified to treat your pet before returning to Ireland under the PETS Travels Scheme.

When you're abroad

Please note that many vets are closed on Sunday and Monday as well as Bank Holidays. Please bear this is mind when complying with the "between 24 and 120 hours" rule for tapeworm treatment for dogs.

Always check the date and signature on your pets passport before you leave the vet's surgery.

If you are going to the south of France or to Spain, check with your vet about possible diseases they can catch. Ticks, for example in southern France and Spain in Spring are particularly nasty and you will need to use Frontline more frequently/ regularly than you probably do in Ireland.

Check and re-check the documentation.