Cottage holidays in France and Spain


In addition to our ferry booking conditions which are available on request or on our website, holidays comprising arranged accommodation though us, other than on board accommodation, are subject to these conditions.


Your holiday is supplied by BAI SA 'Brittany Ferries' through its UK subsidiary BAI (UK) Limited and for holidays booked in Ireland your holiday is supplied by BAI SA 'Brittany Ferries' through its Irish subsidiary BAI Ireland Limited, at the time we confirm your booking by providing your booking reference. In all cases all holidays are subject to availability as are any promotional fare types offered in conjunction with holiday accommodation. Brittany Ferries is the organiser of any package holiday booked through us for the purposes of the Package and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018.

We provide full financial protection for our package holidays through a bond held with the Association of British Travel Agents, for more information please visit For bookings made in Ireland, in such circumstances, any monies due would be refunded to you by the Commission for Aviation Regulation, through a bond taken out by us with one of the major clearing banks. If abroad, return travel would be arranged to Ireland by the Commission for Aviation Regulation. Accommodation prices for clients booking in Ireland should be converted at 1.18 to give the correct price in euros and any other values unless specified otherwise. Whilst we take great care in the compilation of this brochure, prices or details may change after the brochure is printed. We will bring to your attention any material changes at the point of booking or if notified later, as soon as we ourselves are made aware. For overnight crossings to France and on our Spanish and Irish services, a cabin or reclining seat must be pre-booked whilst availability remains. Bookings without on board accommodation will only be accepted on our French routes after all such accommodation has been reserved. Luggage sizes in public areas on our high speed services are limited to 45cm (equivalent to hand luggage at airports), all other luggage will be stored remotely for the duration of the crossing.

We will not carry passengers under the age of 16 unless an adult of 18 years or over accompanies them. At the time of booking the following information will be required where applicable: vehicle registration number, passengers' first names, surnames and dates of birth. All departure/arrival times are estimated and are local - please refer to your documents. Documents are only valid for the sailing dates/times indicated unless otherwise specified. On board facilities vary depending on route, vessel, dates and time of travel. Please note that smoking is only permitted on outside decks with the exception of the Normandie Express which is completely non-smoking. You should also comply with any smoking restrictions at your holiday accommodation.


All departure/arrival times are local - please refer to your documents. Sailing schedules may be interrupted and/or crossing times extended or changed without notice to you due to adverse weather conditions, tidal conditions, unforeseen operational or technical reasons beyond our control. It may be necessary to use alternative ships on any sailing or to change/withdraw the facilities/services available for various operational, technical or scheduling reasons. If changes in route, facilities or timing advised before outward travel date and before boarding are not acceptable to you and you choose not to travel then a full refund of the unused elements of your holiday cost will be made. Similarly, if a pre-paid facility such as on board accommodation is unavailable or provided to a lower category then the appropriate price difference will be refunded. We will try to notify you, if practicable in advance, using the contact number provided at the time of booking. We cannot accept liability for any losses, damages or expenses arising or any consequential losses howsoever caused as a result of the cancellation, diversion or delay of the ship where 'force majeure', or matters outside of our control apply, for example, extreme weather conditions, unforeseen technical breakdown to ship or port facilities, strike action or blockade of ports. If these circumstances become apparent after boarding or at sea our priority is to deliver you safely to the most appropriate port. In these situations our liability will be limited to a refund of the appropriate portion of fare if returned to the country of departure or fare differential if delivered to a different port to that originally planned. In all cases outlined above the refund of the appropriate portion of the fare paid will be the total extent of our liability to you. We shall not be liable for any losses, damages, expenses or any consequential losses howsoever arising.


You should have personal and medical travel insurance and are responsible for ensuring that the cover is adequate for your needs. You should check with your own insurance whether you are covered for damages you may cause to persons or property whilst abroad as you will be liable for any such damage.


The transport of small domestic pets to or from France or Spain must be in accordance with the relevant requirements of the countries concerned and a charge is made for their transportation. Please seek advice from your vet. It is a requirement that dogs (excluding assistance dogs) must wear a muzzle at all times when in the terminal, on board, being exercised and transferred to their kennel etc. It is the responsibility of the animal's escort to obtain and comply with current regulations for the transport of animals. If any problem arises with the transportation of a pet which requires the use of quarantine facilities upon arrival in Ireland or the UK, then the pet's owner/escort will be fully responsible for these expenses. Please note pets are not allowed in swimming pools.


A deposit of £50 per person (€80 per person on Ireland-France or Ireland-Spain route). When you secure a booking we will issue a document that sets out the details and provides other information. On issuing your document, the contract will take effect. Any monies paid to your travel agent are held by the agent on your behalf until we issue our confirmation invoice, after which your travel agent holds the monies on our behalf. Full payment must be received at least 80 days before outward travel date, or at the time of booking if that is within 80 days of outward travel date. If full payment is not received, we reserve the right to cancel the booking and retain any deposit. Documents are sent out 2 weeks prior to outward travel date. Special requests cannot be made a condition of your booking as they are always subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. Accommodation only bookings are made solely at our discretion and are subject to a £50 administration fee.


Please note that these promotions are non-refundable and full payment is required at the time of booking by credit or debit card. Holiday promotional fares can be amended up to 42 days before departure, subject to the payment of a£25 administration fee fee (€50 for each change on Ireland-France and Ireland-Spain route). Any increase in cost must be paid at the time of the amendment.

Other conditions may apply and these will be detailed in the promotion.


Motorised vehicles must arrive at the designated port of departure for both outbound and return sailings under their own power, failure to do so will invalidate this transport contract. The latest check in time for each journey will be shown on your documents. This may vary depending on whether you have any special requirements, are travelling as part of a group or for other reasons. If you do not meet latest check in requirements, then your space cannot be guaranteed. You must have all necessary documents to enter the countries which you intend to visit and for re-entry into the UK or Ireland. It is the passenger's responsibility to establish his or her own individual requirements. If you do not have valid documents you will not be able to board. Brittany Ferries accepts no responsibility for passengers refused entry to any country by the relevant authority for whatever reason. Brittany Ferries has absolute discretion whether or not to accept any passenger, their vehicle, luggage or pet on board and reserves the right to refuse carriage or to refuse to retain any person as a client if their conduct or condition is likely to disrupt or affect the enjoyment, safety or wellbeing of others. Brittany Ferries will exercise its discretion fairly and shall be under no liability for any additional costs incurred by such a person as a result of Brittany Ferries refusing carriage or refusing to retain any person as a client.


Resort and accommodation services and facilities may be restricted or withdrawn at certain times for maintenance, and/or bad weather or during low season. If the availability of a particular service/facility is of paramount importance to the enjoyment of your holiday then you should raise this with us at the time of booking.


Carriage is subject to our Conditions of Carriage and The Athens Convention relating to the Carriage of Passengers and their Luggage by Sea 1974 (The "Athens Convention" as amended by the 2002 protocol and which includes Orders made in relation to the Athens Convention). The Athens Convention limits liability for death or personal injury or loss or damage to 'luggage', which includes vehicles and makes special provision for valuables. The limits of liability are laid down by Orders issued from time to time under Merchant Shipping Act 1995 and Merchant Shipping Regulations 2012. It presumes that 'luggage' has been landed undamaged, unless we, as the carrier, have been advised in writing of apparent damage before or at the time of leaving the ferry. In the case of non-apparent damage written notice must be given within 15 days of leaving the ferry. No written notice is required where the luggage has been jointly inspected before leaving the ferry. The Athens Convention applies to all people travelling on our vessels. It imposes strict time limits for registering claims. Copies of our Conditions of Carriage, which incorporate relevant provisions of the above Convention, are available from us on request. You are responsible for the security and safekeeping of your possessions and Brittany Ferries cannot be held liable for the loss or theft of any items. High value items should be lodged with the Purser for safekeeping.


If you have to cancel your holiday at any time after the contract has taken effect, you must do so in writing if you have booked direct with Brittany Ferries. If you have booked through an agent then by whatever means they stipulate. You will incur charges on a scale related to the period of notice given to us - see table opposite. No refund will be given for any unused part of an inclusive holiday or for the ferry travel booked in conjunction with an inclusive holiday.

Refunds are based on the following scale

Any refund applicable is by method of payment
Period of notice given to Brittany Ferries before scheduled outward travel date Cancellation charge (expressed as a % of total booking price)
Over 42 days Deposit
29 - 42 days 30% (or deposit if greater)
15 - 28 days 50% (or deposit if greater)
2 - 14 days 75% (or deposit if greater)
Within 2 days 100%

For group bookings cancellation charges may vary from those shown above but these will be advised at time of booking. For holiday promotions, if booking is cancelled, no refund will be provided.


If you are prevented from travelling (not merely disinclined) you may transfer your booking to another person. You must give notice in writing and enclose a £50 administration fee per booking.


If you wish to change your holiday arrangements and you have paid a deposit or the full amount, we will do all we reasonably can to accommodate your new requirements, subject to your paying an administration fee of £25 for each change (€50 for each change on Ireland-France and Ireland-Spain route) plus any tariff increase for your new holiday requirements. Excluding a pre-arranged late arrival, we can accept no change to your arrival date at your pre-booked holiday accommodation or request for an alternative property within 42 days of your original confirmed arrival date, as this will be treated as a cancellation. Any change that results in a reduction in the total number of persons travelling will be treated as a cancellation of that part of the booking. If the change results in our incurring cancellation charges, these will be passed on to you. Please note amendment fees are non-refundable.


We reserve the right to change any holiday details, including the price, before you book, in which case we will tell you before the holiday contract takes effect. Very rarely, a change or cancellation may occur after you have booked but before you depart. If there is a major change (i.e. a change in scheduled ferry departure time of more than 12 hours, a change of ferry route, a change of holiday location or change to a lower standard of accommodation - any other change is 'minor') we will tell you as soon as practicable. We will then offer you the choice of accepting the change, taking an alternative holiday (if it is more expensive, you will have to pay the difference, but if it is cheaper, you will receive the appropriate refund) or cancelling and receiving a full refund. If there is a cancellation you will be offered the choice of an alternative holiday where available or a full refund. In addition, unless the major change or cancellation is caused by force majeure, or occurs before the date the final balance falls due for your holiday, we will pay you the following compensation: a) For a change of ferry route giving rise to additional driving time - 20p per additional mile per vehicle booked between the ports concerned. b) For all other major changes/cancellations - £20.00 per adult/£10.00 per child aged 4-15. If the change is notified within 14 days of outward travel date or if we are obliged to notify you of a major change during your holiday then £25.00 per adult/£12.50 per child aged 4-15. If there is a minor change before you depart, we will try to let you know (although we are not obliged to do so) but you will not be entitled to cancel or receive compensation. Force majeure is unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which neither we nor our suppliers could avoid, examples of which are war or threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, level of water, closure of ports, technical or engineering problems, significant building work ongoing outside of your accommodation, which is not known to us in advance of your outward travel date and building work from a third party (such as accommodation development) or other similar events beyond our control.


Limited medical services may be available on board. Where they are, there may be a charge for their use. Any special needs or boarding arrangements must be clearly specified at the time of booking, it is your responsibility to ensure your needs are known and understood. If you travel with a pre-diagnosed condition then travel is entirely at your own risk and you should obtain advice from your own doctor before travelling. If you have a disability or reduced mobility (even if temporary) please notify us at the time of booking and no later than 48 hours before arrival at the port, so that we may adequately assist you with your needs. We have a number of cabins adapted for disabled passengers and lift facilities for ease of movement between decks; however, facilities are limited on certain of our vessels so please enquire at the time of booking. Further details of the assistance we are able to provide is available on request or on our website. We are unable to transport anyone who is 32 weeks (28 weeks for the High Speed Service) or more pregnant at the time of travel or those with pregnancy complications. It is important if you have a disability, that the appropriate enquiries are made about the suitability of particular holiday accommodation needs, transport and services, and that you are fully satisfied you have made the correct choice before you book and confirm your holiday. Please note: if special arrangements need to be made for you an extra charge may be levied. We cannot be held responsible if you fail to tell us about special needs/requirements that will affect your holiday experience.

You must not bring dangerous goods, firearms or knives on board, on your person, or in your luggage unless you have obtained written permission from us and possess legal authorisation. Dangerous goods must be declared at the time of booking and can only be transported in a vehicle, therefore are not permitted in the case of a foot passenger. Explosive ordnance and neutralised explosive ordnance of military origin (shells, projectiles, grenades, etc) are prohibited. If you are unsure about whether or not goods are dangerous then you must contact us in advance otherwise we may refuse you entry to the ship, without any liability on our part. The transport of petrol/diesel cans is strictly limited to a maximum of 5 litres per vehicle providing it is in a sealed container designed specifically to carry fuel. There is a limit to the quantity of gas cylinders that may be carried, (including medical gas), for confirmation and authority to carry any gas cylinders please contact passenger services prior to travel.

On arrival at the port you must report to the Duty Terminal Manager and follow his/her instructions regarding loading and necessary storage of these goods.


For information and advice on health matters while travelling abroad, the Department of Health leaflet 'Health Advice for Travellers' is available from Post Offices in the UK or local Health Board in Ireland. Alternatively visit or We also recommend that you visit You are advised to take out your own health insurance, as cover under national schemes is not always comprehensive. It is mandatory that you have all necessary documents, including valid passports and/or visas, to enter the countries which you intend to visit and for re-entry into the UK or Ireland. Please remember UK Nationals and Irish citizens require a valid full passport but do not require visas for travel to France, Spain or Portugal. If you do not have valid documents you will not be able to board. The carrier is liable to a fine, and other costs, if you try to travel without the correct documentation. We reserve the right to recover any such costs from the passenger. It is the passenger's responsibility to be aware of their own individual travel requirements. Non-EU passengers are responsible for ensuring that they have correct documentation. Please refer to the relevant Embassy. Children travelling with an adult, other than their parents or legal guardians, must have a letter of consent.


If you find an identical holiday at a lower price within 28 days of booking with Brittany Ferries, we guarantee to match it. The price match excludes insurance, special offers, loyalty bonuses, group and travel agent discounts.


a) We accept liability for any loss you may suffer if any part of the holiday arrangements you book with us is not as described and not of a reasonable standard within the context of the holiday and its price. We also accept liability if you suffer death or personal injury as a result of the holiday arrangements failing to be as described and of a reasonable standard. These acceptances of liability do not apply if there has been no fault on our part, nor on the part of our suppliers and the loss, death or personal injury suffered is attributable to your own acts or omissions, to the acts or omissions of a third party not involved in providing the services which make up your holiday whose consequences could not have been avoided or anticipated even exercising all due care, or to an event which, even with all due care, could not have been foreseen or forestalled. They are also conditional upon your assigning to us any rights you may have against any other person whose acts or omissions have given rise to our liability.

b) Our liability to compensate you and the amount of such compensation is subject to the following limitations. First, in the case of damage other than death, illness or personal injury, to a reasonable amount having regard to such factors as, inter alia, the holiday cost and the extent to which the enjoyment of your holiday can be shown to have been affected; we will not be responsible for your disappointment as a result of unrealistic expectations, where the holiday has been provided as described. Second, in all cases liability and compensation are restricted in accordance with the provisions of all applicable International Conventions, which include, but are not limited to: in respect of rail travel, the Berne Convention 1961; in respect of carriage by sea, the Athens Convention 1974; in respect of carriage by road, the Geneva Convention 1973; and in respect of hotels, the Paris Convention 1962. For the avoidance of doubt, this means that we are to be regarded as having all benefit of any limitations of compensation contained in any of these Conventions or any other international conventions applicable to your holiday.

c) If you suffer death, injury or illness during your holiday arising out of any activity which does not form part of the inclusive arrangements you have booked with us, we will, at our discretion and provided it is requested within 90 days, give you general assistance in pursuing any claim you may have against a third party. This assistance will be limited to advice, guidance and a contribution of up to £5,000 per booking towards your legal costs. You must make an insurance claim under the legal expenses section of your insurance policy to enable subsequent recovery of these costs. In any event, we retain the right to recover any such contribution made towards these costs from you.


You undertake to take responsibility and exercise reasonable care in respect of your accommodation and its equipment. At all casas, gites and cottages, a cash deposit up to the value of €150 is payable on arrival.  This is to cover damages that may be incurred but does not limit your liability. Where damages exceed the deposit value, Brittany Ferries will recover any outstanding amount from you on behalf of the supplier. The services and facilities included in your holiday will be deemed to be provided with reasonable care if they comply with any local regulations which apply, or, if there are no applicable local regulations, if they are reasonable when compared to the local standards in practice.  The fact that services or facilities fail to comply with local or UK guidance or advice shall not in itself mean that the services or facilities in question have not been provided with reasonable care.  You should familiarise yourself with fire procedures, including emergency exits in your accommodation, the swimming pool(s) area etc.  Be aware that in some of our properties smoke and carbon monoxide detectors may not be present as they are not required by local or regional law. Children must be supervised by you at all times, especially near water, on balconies or in unfamiliar buildings and surroundings.


We aim to provide the best holiday possible. However, if you do encounter a problem you must immediately notify the relevant local owner, caretaker or supplier to try to resolve the problem at the time, and also contact our Helpline. A failure to do so will reduce or negate your right to claim redress from us. Our Helpline offices are manned by specialist bilingual staff. Full information on how and where to call accompanies your holiday documents. In the unlikely event that the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction at the time, you should write to Customer Services, Brittany Ferries, Millbay, Plymouth, PL1 3EW. Please quote your booking reference and provide full details of your complaint so we may investigate and respond to you. Where possible, notification should be within 30 days of completion of your holiday, to enable us to investigate your complaint.


We are a Member of ABTA, membership number Y6117. We are obliged to maintain a high standard of service to you by ABTA's Code of Conduct. We can also offer you an ABTA's scheme for the resolution of disputes which is approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute. If we can't resolve your complaint, go to to use ABTA's simple procedure. Further information on the Code and ABTA's assistance in resolving disputes can be found on You can also access the European Commission Online Dispute (ODR) Resolution platform at This ODR platform is a means of registering your complain with us; it will not determine how your complaint should be resolved.


For full details of our data and privacy policies, please refer to our privacy page.

To monitor customer service and for training purposes, we record telephone calls.