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Travel advice - Covid-19 and what to expect at your holiday accommodation

Please rest assured that precautionary measures have been put in place at your holiday accommodation to minimise any risk presented by Covid-19 and to keep everyone safe.  

Examples at hotels and holiday resorts include contact-free check-in, the wearing of face masks in public areas and of course, intensified cleaning protocols.

Where entertainment is usually provided, along with bars and restaurants, this is likely to still be available but with limited attendance and the need for pre-booking. Gyms and spas will stay closed for the time being but pools will generally be open. Availability of facilities and measures will of course evolve over time. 

Many campsites, apartments and hotels have their own website and we strongly recommend visiting these before travel as they will have more detailed information regarding their own procedures and expectations.

If any special conditions apply specifically to the accommodation you have booked we will get in touch with you in the week leading up to travel.  

And finally despite all the measures put in place for your safety we would suggest for your own peace of mind that you pack plenty of masks, disinfectant and sanitiser to wipe clean any surface before using it.

Here are some further details of what you can expect at your holiday accommodation.